The Gowensville Commission Board consists of five members; Al Essey, Bob Frost, Stewart Williams, Virgil Potter and Joe Brabo. These members hold meetings on the third Monday of every month. All meetings begin at 7pm. Members of the community are invited to visit these monthly meetings.  
Updated 1/1/14

  Gowensville Fire Department Board of Commissioners Monday April 16, 2018
Present:  Chief Ross, Al Essey, Stu Williams, Bob Frost, Virgil Potter, Joe Brabo
Commissioners not in attendance: None
Call to Order:  7:00PM by Chairman Joe Brabo
Minutes:  Minutes reviewed by the board and unanimously approved with the following changes.
1. Chief Report fourth bullet “Car 11” sealed bids beginning changed to March 16 2018.   2. Change the sentence “then at the May 2018 board meeting to April board meeting. 
• Bank Statement Operating account balance $320,262.08 • Reserve fund Balance $90,563.47 • Follow up into the Intuit charges and duplicate Go Daddy internet charges on Chief Ross credit card  • Financials unanimously approved.
Old Business:    No old business
New Business:
• Chairman Joe Brabo discussed the purchase Stihl battery operated Cut-off Saw. Cost $561.00  Discussion of the use and need motion to purchase by Stu 2nd AL vote Approved  purchase. • Sale of Car 11 bid opening.   Joe Brabo read the single bid received.   Bid Offer from Casey Barnett for $12,507.01.  Truck bid awarded to Casey Barnett.
Gowensville Fire Department Board of Commissioners Monday April 16, 2018
Chief Report:
• Discussed Man power grant and status.  • Internet possible changes due to greater speed.  Need to research cost vs speed.  System name Cradle Point • Sensor on truck New Truck.  Need company to repair they are due to come to repair the sensor. 
Reconvened after Executive committee meeting:
Chairmen Joe Brabo announced that Gowensville Fire department no longer has a Deputy Chief and no longer has a Fire Chief.   Joe will act as interim Chief until a part time chief has been hired. 
Meeting adjourned Next Board Meeting with be May 17, 2018 at 7:00PM
Submitted by
RW Frost Secretary

May 21, 2018


  • Memorandum for Record, Commissioner Meeting agenda


  • Meeting called to order 7pm , introduction of guests if any


  • There will be no remarks from the floor this evening


Ø  Approval of last minutes 4-16-2018


Ø  Financial statement


  • Old business


·      New business


  • Chief Report


  • Executive Session if required


·      Meeting adjourned